A Very Not Work Type Outfit

A Very Not Work Type Outfit

A Very Not Work Type Outfit

A Very Not Work Type Outfit

A Very Not Work Type Outfit

A Very Not Work Type Outfit

I just started work today!!!

If you have read THIS POST you would have known that I have finished college and starting work right away.  AND today was my first day at work. Mind you it was just an induction day and not a real work day, but still, it was pretty exciting to know more about the place I am working and know what I should be doing to support this place and stay out of trouble.

One of the things that were mentioned, was the dress code. You might know, or not know this by now, but I am a classic style and very feminine style kind of girl, You can check out more of the styles that I love over HERE. The reason I mentioned that it is because I don’t really mind having a very strict dress code, I would actually prefer to have one, but unfortunately for me and luckily for everyone else, we have a smart casual dress code.

They kept mentioning what we can wear and what we can’t wear and basically I am not allowed to wear revealing clothes and then I remembered this outfit and the first thing that came to mind it, wear anything that is not this outfit.

What I can wear is something that covers my assets up there, not like this dress. Something that is longer than this dress. Something that is wider than this dress and no crazy patterns like the one in this dress.

This made it pretty easy to find out what I can wear and now I am going through my closet and sorting my outfits into work type outfits and not work type outfit.

I will be sharing with you more about my work outfits in upcoming posts.

How To Change Your Style And Still Be True To Yourself

How To Change Your Style And Still Be True To YourselfHow To Change Your Style And Still Be True To YourselfHow To Change Your Style And Still Be True To YourselfHow To Change Your Style And Still Be True To YourselfHow To Change Your Style And Still Be True To Yourself

Changing your style can be very intimidating. Believe me, I know. Personally, I don’t have a problem when it comes to changing my style. I define my style as powerful yet feminine. So, to me, I can wear anything that will give that vibe in the end. It doesn’t have to be a classy piece, I can wear something like the one I am wearing above which is not classy by any means, or the trendiest outfit I have got in my wardrobe, but it gives the vibe that I wish to be known for.

But, I see people who are close to me, that never ever change their style, their wardrobe is like the same top/outfit in different colors. That is me describing my sister and my sister in law. Thier style is great and I love it, but they complain all the time that they buy a lot of OT items, but they feel like they are wearing the same thing all over again. Honestly, that is correct. My sister has the same top in different shades, the same shoes in different colors. My sister in law buys all these fancy items from different fancy stores, but she is like wearing the same top from the same shop all the time. I also find that is the most asked question on my YOUTUBE CHANNEL is how to change my style.

Let me just say, real quick, that I don’t find any fault in wearing the same thing or the same style all the time, as long as you are okay and happy with it. I like the change and that is why I keep changing my style, but if you don’t then stay the same, it is easier and it will save you a lot of money and a lot of space. What I am trying to do is helping those who would like to change their style.

The answer is very simple actually. Define what you would like to be known for. For me, I would like to be perceived as a strong independent woman and how I can achieve this through my clothes is that I wear things that gives a powerful yet feminine vibe. I wear all the colors, I wear all the cuts as long as it suits my body. Then I look for a way to add the vibe I am looking for in my outfit.

For example, the outfit I am wearing, is pretty simple, not trendy and very oversized, not something I would typically wear, but I liked it and to add a strong vibe to it, I added the headband. It showed that I am not afraid to express myself in clothes and add trendy weird items, so it gave the strong vibe, then I added the silk underdress with the golden touches, in order to give the feminine vibe. You can take a look at the outfit I wore in my last post and you will know that this is so different than the one I went for last, but it gives the same vibe in the end.

So, wrapping this up. Define what you want people to know you for in two to three words, then build up all of your outfits to achieve this vibe, with hidden touches, not something big, but believe me it will make a difference.

Feeling Myself In This Checked Zara Dress

Feeling Myself In This Checked Zara DressFeeling Myself In This Checked Zara DressFeeling Myself In This Checked Zara DressFeeling Myself In This Checked Zara DressFeeling Myself In This Checked Zara Dress

I am living in ZARA’S DRESSES these days. I mean, last post and today’s post have been all about Zara’s dresses and to be honest, I think I would go back there again and get myself a couple more pairs, to enjoy this summer.

Zara is killing it this year. I remember just last summer I went to Zara and I didn’t like anything from their collection and this summer I like the entire collection. I am not sure is it because the shop at Bellevue was a bad one and this shop here in Cairo is a good one, and I can check out all the items in a good way that makes me want to buy all of them, or is it because the designers at Zara upped their game this year more than ever.  I don’t know, maybe it is simply because my style has changed a lot since last summer.

Moving on from talking about the shop itself, why don’t I let you in more about the dress. My favorite fashion blogger right now is MARY ORTON and let me tell you that she is killing it with the dresses game and this combined with my obsession with dresses, it became a dangerous combination. I remember that I saw a pic of her on Instagram in a checked dress and then found this CHECKED DRESS while I was shopping and tried it on, I loved it so much. It has all the elements that I am looking for in a dress. I mean the feminine vibe is there, it suits my body perfectly, it is so trendy and not to mention that it is the perfect hight on my shorter self.

I always find it difficult to find a dress that is below the knees that suit my body and this hight it is almost impossible, but I found it in this number and I took it back with me home. So let me know about another store that I can find good dresses to buy in the comments down below.

Burned Mustard Obsession and it this dress is from Zara

Burned Mustard Obsession and it this dress is from ZaraBurned Mustard Obsession and it this dress is from ZaraBurned Mustard Obsession and it this dress is from ZaraBurned Mustard Obsession and it this dress is from ZaraBurned Mustard Obsession and it this dress is from ZaraBurned Mustard Obsession and it this dress is from ZaraBurned Mustard Obsession and it this dress is from ZaraBurned Mustard Obsession and it this dress is from ZaraBurned Mustard Obsession and it this dress is from ZaraBurned Mustard Obsession and it this dress is from Zara

Burned Mustard has always been an obsession of mine. I always loved this color and to find that it is one of the color trends this summer made me so happy and so excited that I can wear it as much as I like.

I don’t know whether that dresses are becoming more trendy this summer or is it because I entered this phase where I feel more like a woman than a girl, but these days I can’t get enough of dresses. I swear whenever I am going shopping, I stop at dresses and I end up buying a dress, not a skirt, not pants, just dresses. I feel like it suits my body perfectly. With this ZARA DRESS, It didn’t take me much to actually end up buying it, even though when I tried it on the first time I ended up getting large instead of small, but I knew that we were meant to be together. I decided to style it with my BLACK VINTAGE ZAFUL SUNNIES and my black pointed heels from Centre point, but oh boy I ended up liking this combination and I have more ideas for this dress and more styles, that I think I will be showing you in future posts.

For example, this dress would look amazing with a straw hat and a tan to nude sandals, don’t you think. It would look amazing on vacation, even though I don’t think I will be getting any vacation time, since I will be on probation period in my work and I won’t have the right to take time off to go on a vacation while summer, but what I can do is that I can take the end of the year off and head somewhere tropical and enjoy a couple days of sunlight in December, I like this plan. What about you? What are your plans for the summer?

Start The Summer With All White Look + Life Update

Start The Summer With All White Look + Life UpdateStart The Summer With All White Look + Life UpdateStart The Summer With All White Look + Life UpdateStart The Summer With All White Look + Life UpdateStart The Summer With All White Look + Life Update


I am starting my summer with all white look because this summer is special to me, very special actually.  I have graduated from college last week and I finished my educational journey and I am starting my career journey. If you told me four years ago that college would pass so quickly I wouldn’t have believed you, but now, looking back, it passed so quickly and honestly I didn’t want it to be done, but it was the right time for it.

Now it is time to find a job that is suitable for me. Basically blogging and youtube is my hobby, but I am not making any real money from it, no matter how I wish to be a full-time blogger, but till then I have to find a job that supports my lifestyle and now I need to look for a good job, so wish me luck.

When it came to this outfit. I have this eyelet top from ZAFUL, and I wanted to style it in a way that is so chic and unique, so I styled it with a white jeans, this one I got from Old Navy and, to have classy touch in this outfit I added this golden Aldo Slides that it was a steal from Aldo with 50% discount, so talk about a steal.  In the end, I got an outfit with my favorite color combo at the moment, white and gold. What is your favorite color combination?

What about you? What are your plans for summer? Please let me in, in the comments down below and let us have a conversation.

Easy Everyday Makeup Look For The Busy Women

Easy Everyday Makeup Look For The Busy Women

An Easy Everyday makeup look is something we all need to master. Yes, as I mentioned in my previous post, that we also need to master how to look pretty with no makeup on, we also need to master how to look pretty with makeup, but in a simple way.

I started putting on makeup when I was really young. I was still in fifth grade and I was putting makeup and huge amount of makeup. My mom believes in the power of makeup and she never told me not to put on makeup, but looking back at this, I actually regret it. It was a lot of effort and use of my skin that I could have passed, but what happened had happened.

As I grew older my makeup got better and looked more natural and I actually like how I look right now with minimal everyday makeup, what you see in this picture is a more put together makeup look, and what actually consumed on an everday makeup is less than this and honestly, It only takes less than five minutes to be done.

Anyway, enough of my blabbering and let me tell how and what products I use to get this makeup look.

I start using Neutrogena skin clearing foundation shade 85 honey.

Then I use Neutrogena skin clearing councelar shade 10

To set my face I used Neutrogena skin clearing powder.

For the countor, I still use my trusty old anastasia baverly hills contouring kit, light to medium and I use the darkest contouring shade.

For the highlight I use this physican formula bronzer kit. I couldn’t find a link to it.

The blush is the NYX blush in the shade Hamptons

I used the trusty old Anastasia Baverly Hills eyebrow definer in the shade granite.

For the eyeliner I used the elf liquid liner. I highly recommend this, because it is so affordable and so good.

The macara was the Mabeline lash sensational with oil blend. It gives super volume, that you won’t need eyelashes.

For the lips, I used the best nude shade I have ever used which was the Revloune Matte in the shade Embrace eternity, I really hope you give this one a shot, it is a lifesaver. 

All my brushes were from Elf, also super affordable and super good.

That is it you guys. I hope you also share with me what products you swear by, especially for the councelar. I am looking for a new one and I have no idea what I should be buying.


Four Simple Ways To Look Beautiful With No Makeup On

How To Look Beautiful With No Makeup on

One Thing we are all looking for is that we want to look beautiful with no makeup on. For a lot of reasons, each one of us has her own reason for this. Mine, for example, is that I sometimes feel so lazy to pick the brush and apply anything on my face, someone might want this in order to look beautiful the first thing in the morning when her partner looks at her. Let’s face the fact that some girls suck at makeup, there is no shame in admitting that. I believe that the person that came with the word makeup artist saw the real thing, those women are artists and their canvas are their faces. As I said there are a lot of reasons to want to look pretty with no makeup on, but how do you actually accomplish this.

  • If you ever looked at the celebrities in their pics that are makeup free and wondered how the hell they look that perfect? I got the answer for that, which is, sorry are, microblading, lash extension, fillers, and coloring. Along with the perfect camera filter and light for sure.  For real, they have half of their makeup already on, and I consider these the most important steps in makeup, so if you are looking for the easiest way to look pretty the first thing in the morning, then consider doing microblading, lash extension and line up your lips. The downside of this is that they are so expensive, you have to get them every three to four month and they will cause you to lose your eyebrows and your eyelashes hair and the natural color of your lips will disappear.
  • If you want something easier and something you can get in a matter of seconds, then have your hair done pretty and frame your face with it. It is one thing to have no makeup on with your hair pulled back in a bun and you are wearing a sweatshirt and having no drop of makeup on your beautiful face and have your hair framing it whether with bangs or just letting your hair loose. No makeup +a horrible hair day = looking sick. No makeup + beautiful hair = looking more alive and having this natural beauty.
  • Always hydrate your skin and your lips, is another simple way to have this natural glow. My problem with makeup is never the eyeliner or the contour, to be honest, I only put this item when I am planning to take pictures for my blog or shoot a video, but other than this, I am never wearing them. What I usually suffer from is that dull lips and dull face. I look so pale without the lipstick and blush, but a great substitute for them is having the natural glow of hydration. Take a couple of seconds to put on lip balm and moisturizer on your face and you will have a natural glow.
  • Put on the effort in your outfit. Remember when I said that no makeup with a bad hair is a formula for looking sick. The same goes for clothes, no makeup with a PJ set you look like you are a lazy couch potato. But if you actually put on a little bit effort to look presentable in your outfit you will look so much alive and simple and happy and actually have a lot of energy within you.

I would love to know what is your formula for looking beautiful with no makeup on. Please spill your secrets in the comments.

A Tour In My Wardrobe

A Tour In My Wardrobe

Today I will be giving you a tour of my wardrobe. I will be showing you how I go shopping and choose my outfit to be aligned with my style.

A Tour In My Wardrobe

The first thing you will notice in my wardrobe is that it has a lot of classic pieces, not so much of the funky trends that shows every season. If there is a trend I like and I want to add to my wardrobe then I look for a classic or a more classic version of it. Just like I did with the red color. I looked for a blazer since I know it will live with me a lot of time.


A Tour In My Wardrobe

The second thing you will also find that my outfits are all fitted, I don’t have a lot of oversized items, not because I don’t like them, but because I know that it doesn’t suit my body that much and I took a vow that I would only wear items that suit my body type. That is the main thing I am looking for whenever I am shopping. If it suits my body then it is a go if it is not, then I wouldn’t buy it no matter how beautiful it is.

A Tour In My Wardrobe

The third thing is that I try to make all of my items aligned with how I want people to perceive me. So I would like my personal brand to be a strong independent woman. That is why you will find a lot of fitted items that go with the word strong and independent yet they are also feminine with a lot of heels and beautiful garments to stress on the woman part.

A Tour In My Wardrobe

That is it you guys this is how my wardrobe goes and how I describe my style. I also shared with you some outfits to show you a sneak peek into my style.





Get Ready For Summer 2018 With Me

Get Ready For Summer 2018 With Me

Get Ready For Summer 2018 With MeGet Ready For Summer 2018 With Me

Hello, lovelies,

I am almost done with exams and I am almost done with college. I can’t believe there will be no summer vacation for me since I will start work as soon as I am done with college and as much as I am excited I am as afraid.

But one thing I am excited about is summer and summer clothes. It has been summer in Egypt for almost a month now where everyone is in their summer clothes and I know I am, it might not be the hottest days of summer (you can’t stay without air condition these days) but it is hot enough that I was sweating just standing for five minutes outside to take this pic. It was indeed a heat wave, but it reminded me why almost every summer I went to stay with my brother in Seattle, just to stay away from summer.

If you haven’t gathered that already, but I am obsessed with red and any outfit that has a red touch to it and since it is a big trend this season, it is a bonus. I wore this top with paper sack pants in THIS POST, but I wanted to style it in a classic look, since that what describes my style these days. I styled it with classic high waisted pants, another big trend for summer 2018. Added a belt to it, to high light the waist and added this Gucci dupe that matches the belt so well. In the end, I wrapped this outfit up with another red to it with the heels.

I wanted to ask you what is the trend for summer 2018 that you are obsessed with? Let me know in the comments down below.

I hope you found this post helpful, SEE YOU IN THE NEXT POST.




5 simple & quick homemade pregnancy tests


Do you have an inkling you are pregnant? The ambiguity can be a bit daunting and stressful irrespective of whether you are looking forth to having children or not. Get relief from all the anxiety with DIY or homemade pregnancy tests. These tests can be done within the confines of your home and with ingredients stored in your pantry or kitchen. Do you have an inkling you are pregnant? The ambiguity can be a bit daunting and stressful irrespective of whether you are looking forth to having children or not. Get relief from all the anxiety with DIY or homemade pregnancy tests. These tests can be done within the confines of your home and with ingredients stored in your pantry or kitchen.
Similar to modern-day store-bought test kits, below mentioned homemade tests also lookout for the presence of HCG in women’s urine and how they react to the ingredients used in the DIY methods. HCG or human chorionic gonadotropin is a hormone seen only during pregnancy time.  The hormone is made by cells as they work to form the placenta which protects and nourishes the egg once it gets attached to the uterus wall.
The following five DIY pregnancy tests are simple and don’t have any complicated instructions to be followed. They are safe to use and perfect if you would prefer to get pregnancy tests done in privacy and comfort of your home. They are cost effective also. So read on and try out the best ones for you.
⦁ Bleach pregnancy test
Here comes a reliable pregnancy test to provide you with results in a short span. Take a cup of bleach and to this, add your first urine. Mix them and wait for about ten minutes. If there is foam and the mixture is bubbling, then you are pregnant. For safety reasons, do the test outdoors and with hand gloves as a precaution to avoid noxious fumes.
⦁ Toothpaste pregnancy test
Eyes all wide after reading the ingredient for your next test? Yes, the humble white toothpaste can also determine whether you are pregnant or not. Take two tablespoons of toothpaste and place the paste in a bowl. Pour your first urine into the bowl and lookout for blue and foamy mixture after 10 to 15 minutes as it means the result is positive. But there is a slight drawback to this method. The toothpaste may even change the colour if the paste is kept too long in the urine.
⦁ Sugar pregnancy test
Another inexpensive ingredient used to test for pregnancy is our common household item; sugar. Take a spoonful of sugar in a bowl and add your first urine to the sugar. This time you need to look out for clumps of sugar. If clusters aren’t there and the sugar has dissolved, it means the result is negative.
⦁ Pine-Sol pregnancy test
Cleaning products seem to be the star ingredients in DIY methods. You can either use a bottle of the original product or collect pine needles and cones if you have them nearby. Place them in a plastic bag or container and spoon in your first urine. A change in colour indicates pregnancy.
⦁ Dandelion leaves pregnancy test
Our own dandelion leaves from our garden can enlighten us with the knowledge of whether we are pregnant or not. Take few dandelion leaves and place them in a plastic bag. Keep the bag away from sunlight. Now, add the first urine and wait for 10 to 15 minutes. Lookout for red blisters or bumps on the leaves if you are hoping for good news.
All these above homemade tests are not 100% accurate. And above all, they are certain few simple conditions you need to ensure before taking these tests. These are:
⦁ Always make sure to use the first urine as it is the most concentrated and has the highest level of HCG. Or you can store your first urine and seal the bottle correctly if you don’t have time in the morning to do the tests. ⦁ The DIY methods are not effective during the early days of pregnancy. They are reliable only once you have missed your periods. ⦁ Drink lots of water the night before for ample amount of urine. ⦁ Homemade methods are just for confirming pregnancy and should not be considered as an alternative to regular care.
Now you have a complete idea about the basic methods for homemade pregnancy tests, why wait anymore? Head out and hope the test gives the results you are looking for.