How To Plan Your Outfit

How To Plan Your Outfit

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How To Plan Your Outfit
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How To Plan Your OutfitHow To Plan Your OutfitHow To Plan Your OutfitHow To Plan Your OutfitHow To Plan Your OutfitHow To Plan Your OutfitHow To Plan Your Outfit


Planning your outfits in advance can save you so much time, don’t we agree?!


When I was younger, I used to just stand in front of my wardrobe for more than quarter an hour thinking about what to wear and then spend more than half an hour trying out different styles till I reach the one I think suits my body the most and in the end, I would go out and keep thinking do I look okay, does this outfit really suits me? It was an exhausting task to do, but honestly I didn’t care that much because I had a school uniform, so I didn’t waste time before school and I didn’t have to put on makeup (school rules) so this only happened once or twice a week, it was no biggie, but then came high school and this was a nightmare.

High school in Egypt is a very stressful time for student and we don’t attend school (so bye bye school uniform) we attend private courses ( so hello, wasting time on choosing the outfit) let me tell you this, I spend more than an hour getting ready to go out and during this time I didn’t even have an hour to waste, so finally, I just said enough is enough, I need a new approach to how I plan my outfits.

so today, I wanted to share with you how I plan my outfit to save my time for all of you busy women out there, keep on reading.

THE FIRST STEP in planning your outfit is to have a general plan of your closet, normally you can do this when you buy a new item, you plan its outfit, or you can do it seasonally, like have a general view on how you can wear each item.

THE SECOND STEP is two hang your items on the hangers together, so you can actually remember how you styled each item separately.

THEN on Saturday or Sunday, depending on when is your day off, have a general look on what the weather is like during this week, according to this, try to find the perfect outfits for the weather.

AFTER THIS you need to check your schedule for the week, do you have an important meeting at work you need to up your style for, do you have a date that you need to think about what to wear on it. Then plan out which outfit you will wear then.

IF THE INSPIRATION STRICKS, then you try out what you thought on your day off and maybe take a couple of pics of yourself and show it to someone you trust to give you the opinion. If it worked add it to your plan, if not, get back to the original outfit.

THEN you need to hang out your outfits for the week together at the end of your closet.

THE FINAL STEP IS to take it out the day before, like if it is Monday, get the Monday outfit out and put it on your couch before you go to sleep, so you don’t waste time in the morning and this way you won’t have something to add to your thoughts before you go to sleep.




One more thing that saves time and makes you stay stylish and don’t spend much money is shopping at zaful. If you are following me on INSTAGRAM then you would have noticed that I shop at zaful a lot, I shop there at least once a month and it is a great way to find the perfect trendy pieces for less money.

I mean, these red dresses are so gorgeous and very cheap and you won’t spend a lot of time in the mall trying to find the perfect piece.

Since I am obsessed with dresses these days, I want to share with you some dresses inspiration. The first dress and a lot more you can find in RETRO DRESSES and the second dress comes from the CASUAL DRESSES FOR WOMEN and you can find the third gorgeous dress  ZAFUL FLORAL DRESS HERE.

And if you need more inspiration why don’t you check out the ZAFUL BLOG

I hope you found this post helpful, SEE YOU IN THE NEXT POST.




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