How I Edit My Instagram Images

How I Edit My Instagram Images



If you are like me, Instagram addict, you definitely want to know how to reach this perfect white theme that you see all the professional blogger follow or maybe you just want to edit your images and make it look cleaner and more professional, after all, us fashion blogger depends on the visual aspect to showcase our points.

BUT before we start what you put in your images matter, so the outfit you are wearing and MORE than that if you are following the trend or not, so people actually get value out of it. And we all know that following the latest trends can be expensive, but not with Zaful, if you are actually following me on my INSTAGRAM you would have seen that I wear a lot of the trendy items from Zaful and they are really cheap, so CLICK HERE to see what trends they have.

After being on Instagram for almost a year now and searching how the professional fashion blogger edits their Instagram and becoming disappointed time after time when in the end I couldn’t afford to install the programs they used because they all required a purchase, I finally found out how to get the same results without paying anything. Through the list of these programs.
·         Snapseed
·         Aviary
·         VSCO
·         FACETUNE (the free version)


Okay, I take a couple of steps to edit my images, but it is totally worth it and by time you will not take time to do so.


So, the first thing I do is that I open up Snapseed and get the tools, brush and choose the saturation brush. I minimize the saturation to -10 and carefully take the color from anything I want to take the color from. I like to leave any greenery untouched, as I find it giving the pic a beautiful color, and especially it is how I do my theme.


After that, I take my saved image to Aviary and then I will tweak it a little here in this app. The first thing I do is that crop the image, the one crop that suit Instagram is 8:10 one, with that crop you can upload it to Instagram as it is, without the application tells you, that you need to crop it some more. Then I get the adjust bar, I usually up the brightness to 40 and reduce the temperature to -10 and then I like my black to be super black, so I reduce the shadow too -30. I then save these edits.


Then I take the pic that I saved from Aviary and upload it to VSCO, I choose the HB2 and I don’t like the theme to be that apparent, so I just adjust it to 2, max 4, but usually 2.


We are almost there, people. The last step is that I take the image after being edited in VSCO and upload it to Facetune where I choose the retouch bar and choose whiten. I then go over everything that I desaturated to make it more bright and not gloomy. I let it be on 50, nothing crazy, because the more you whiten the background, the more it will appear that your image is really edited and no one wants this. So, just 50 is a reasonable number and maximum, let it be on 70.


And before we leave, I wanted to show you some VINTAGE SWIMWEAR I think would look great in the summer and other CROP TOP BIKINI HERE. They are from Zaful and they are so chic.





I hope you found this post helpful, SEE YOU IN THE NEXT POST.




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