KETO LIFESTYLE: What to order in a restaurant?

KETO LIFESTYLE: What to order in a restaurant?KETO LIFESTYLE: What to order in a restaurant?KETO LIFESTYLE: What to order in retaurantsKETO LIFESTYLE: What to order in a restaurant?KETO LIFESTYLE: What to order in a restaurant?


The Keto diet is a great lifestyle to follow. I have been following it for a month now and I am so enjoying it and seeing great results from it, even on my cheat day, I don’t find myself overeating as I used to be because I am so full and I can’t eat anymore. If I could advice everyone I know to follow the Keto diet, I totally would.

One downside of the Ketogenic diet is that your options are limited in a restaurant. It was a struggle for me, because when I first started I went out two days on a row and I was a little bit ignorant, so I didn’t know that I could eat salad as I count the net carbs not carbs in general and all the plates in the restaurant had either bread or fries or pasta or rice, I just stood there looking at the menu for a long time, till I had to order a cheese egg omelet wrap and I have to throw the wrap (I don’t like throwing food away). The following day I also spend more than half an hour looking at the menu till I asked my cousin if I could share with her a plate where I would eat a chicken piece and asked for sautéed veggies, but now I know better how and what to order in a restaurant, so I wanted to share this with you.

SALAD; that is the healthy option and also the save option. I like to go for the salads in the restaurant because I am sure that they didn’t add any sugars or any high carb option, beside you will have your fibers, potassium, magnesium and collagen in one meal, I am so in. For dressing you might want to check out what dressing they use or you can always have a couple of mayonnaise packets in your bag, or simply enjoy your salad as it is without adding anything to it and in separate meal add your protein and fat to it.

Sautéed vegetables, this is also a healthy option to keep in mind, if you can actually stand their taste, I would prefer getting a salad to sautéed vegetables, but if you want a change, keep that option in mind.

STARTERS, if you want to have a fulfilling meal, not just salad, you can always add started to your salad, so you can order chicken wings or any sort of chicken they have or if they have some type of fish or meat balls, it is a great way to have a fulfilling meal without adding the carbs that comes with the regular meal.

These are the best healthy option to ask in any restaurants and I believe that most restaurants have salads in them so you will also be covered and when in doubt order a salad and you don’t have to skip going out with your friends or fear going out, because you won’t know what to eat, believe me there are options for you out there.

I hope you found this post helpful, SEE YOU IN THE NEXT POST.




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