My Zara Finds: Metallic Silver Skirt

My Zara Finds: Metallic Silver Skirt

My Zara Finds: Metallic Silver Skirt

My Zara Finds: Metallic Silver Skirt

My Zara Finds: Metallic Silver Skirt

My Zara Finds: Metallic Silver Skirt


Zara is my favorite store at the moment. I keep telling my friends that the entire store with all the collections describes my style at the moment. The feminine touch combined with the ultra modern pieces that are mixed together to give this vibe of a strong independent women who is sexy as hell and can kill you with her sense of fashion.

In my Youtube videos I go shopping a lot to show you what are the trends in the stores and I end up buying a lot of items from there and my latest finds is this Metallic skirt.


One of my favorite youtubers wore a similar skirt recently and I became obsessed with it. I wanted to buy it and then I found this one and I knew I am in love. I mean what’s not to love about it, with the pleated look combined with this trendy cuts, not to mention this silver color with a little bit of lavender inside.

I combined it with a simple black offshoulder top from H&M and this belt from Zaful to make my waist look smaller. And I kept it simple with a pointed black shoes in order to keep the eyes on the skirt itself.

for the jewelry I went for silver to highlights the skirt so the best, earrings and bracelet all were silver.

Hey why don’t you tell me what is your favorite shop at the moment? I would love to hit a new shop maybe I will end up loving it as well.


ps I would love it you subscribe to my youtube channel, i just hit 1K subscribers and would love to hit the 10 K, so I would appreciate your support.


I hope you found this post helpful, SEE YOU IN THE NEXT POST.




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