The Latest Summer 2018 Trends In Zara

The Latest Summer 2018 Trends In Zara

What are the trends in the shops is one of the most watched series on my YOUTUBE CHANNEL. I do it as vlogs where I just head to the shops to see what is the trends over there and tell my viewers about them.  I do enjoy shooting these vlogs as they really make me so in tune with the latest trends in the biggest retail stores and I end up buying the trendiest pieces like, for example, in this trip I ended up buying this PANTS from Bershka and this SKIRT from Zara and they are the latest trends that I have been seeing lately on Instagram.

The Latest Summer 2018 Trends In Zara

So what are trendiest pieces in Zara? As you might have known by now, Zara is my favorite retail store. Its style is so feminine and yet trendy and cool. The prices are affordable and you can get yourself some items that will last you a lifetime. As you saw I got this metallic pleated skirt that I wore HERE from them and I also found these great pieces, the one you see in the images below. My favorite is this A-symmetric striped dress. It is a bodycon dress so it shows off the curves you have in your body and if you don’t it will also show off that you have curves.

The Latest Summer 2018 Trends In Zara

These pants were worn by one of my favorite YouTubers and when I found it I had to try them on. I didn\t buy any of these two, but I think I will head this weekend to Zara and buy this dress. It is cute, right?


What about you? What is your favorite retails to shop the latest trends in summer 2018? Let me know in the comments down below.

I hope you found this post helpful, SEE YOU IN THE NEXT POST.




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