Eid El Fitr Outfit Shopping (Holiday Outfit)

Eid El Fitr Outfit Shopping (Holiday Outfit)

Eid El Fitr is approaching soon and since Ramadan is around the corner and my exams are here already, I won’t be able to go shopping next month at all, so I went shopping for the perfect outfit for the holiday today and I wanted to show you what I loved the most in these two.

Eid El Fitr Outfit Shopping (Holiday Outfit)

Okay, if I were to buy something today without hesitation it would be the denim ruffled dress, but I took a vow on myself that I would only buy things after going home and thinking do I really need this item in my closet, does it suit me, does it suit my style? If all of the questions were answered with yes I would then go back and buy it and If I found that I am a little bit hesitant and that I don’t feel as excited as I was back in the shop then I would let this thought go. That is just to keep myself from overspending and buying things that I don’t need in my life.

Eid El Fitr Outfit Shopping (Holiday Outfit)

Back to shopping, so the other thing that I really liked is this Kimono from Zara, oh wow, it is so stylish and so lightweight, perfect for summertime. I was gonna buy this one, but my mom kinda wanted it for herself, so I thought about her buying it and then I would steal it from her. Evil little girl, aren’t I?

Eid El Fitr Outfit Shopping (Holiday Outfit)

This striped top was my mom’s favorite item, ps I go shopping with mom because she is a fashion designer and I trust her style more than anyone in this life, as she and I both liked this top, but the thing is, I am not feeling tops and jeans these days, If I were to buy a new item for Eid, then I would totally buy a dress. Sorry, mom.

Eid El Fitr Outfit Shopping (Holiday Outfit)


This Top is from Bershka and honestly, I wasn’t feeling it at all. I have no idea why I even showed it to you guys, but, maybe someone will like it.

I hope you found this post helpful, SEE YOU IN THE NEXT POST.





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