Essentials Spring Layers

Essentials Spring Layers
Essentials Spring LayersEssentials Spring LayersEssentials Spring LayersEssentials Spring Layers


You can’t survive Spring without spring layers, especially in Egypt. This spring has been crazy when it comes to weather. A couple of weeks ago, we had a shower that flooded the city or Cairo, I am not kidding you, it truly flooded the city, then a week later we had a heat wave that reached 40 and 40 something degree Celsius and now it is cold again. One day it is sunny and the next it is cloudy and hazy. The dust is something that is so bad, and actually I can survive the crazy weather, but I can’t survive the dust, it gets me so chocked out and it makes my car looks like we have been through the desert, even tho I clean it every single day.


For example, this shirt I was wearing on the hottest day of the heat wave and I was drenched, just because I spend five minutes outside the air conditioned mall to take the images, and now I wear it and I actually gets cold and I need a jacket. Usually I am not the type of girl who spends hours contemplating what to wear, but when I am not sure of the weather I can be thinking on end trying to find the perfect outfit to suit the weather.


That is why spring layers are essential for me, especially that Cairo has a desert weather with being so hot in the day time and so cold in the night time, so that is the reason why I always keep a jacket on me, to me the perfect jacket is a light weight cardigan or replace the cardigan with a scarf, both would add a layer that would keep me warm and both would fit in my bag, as I hate carrying out jackets on me.

I hope you found this post helpful, SEE YOU IN THE NEXT POST.




7 thoughts on “Essentials Spring Layers

  1. BeingIsabella

    I know what you mean by the weather being a ness lately. Now the weather in Egypt seems to be a lot more chaotic than here in NY, but still … the weather really has to pull itself together 😉 And yes, layers are key these days! It really saves you when all you have to do is add a sweater or take one off!


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