A Tour In My Wardrobe

A Tour In My Wardrobe

Today I will be giving you a tour of my wardrobe. I will be showing you how I go shopping and choose my outfit to be aligned with my style.

A Tour In My Wardrobe

The first thing you will notice in my wardrobe is that it has a lot of classic pieces, not so much of the funky trends that shows every season. If there is a trend I like and I want to add to my wardrobe then I look for a classic or a more classic version of it. Just like I did with the red color. I looked for a blazer since I know it will live with me a lot of time.


A Tour In My Wardrobe

The second thing you will also find that my outfits are all fitted, I don’t have a lot of oversized items, not because I don’t like them, but because I know that it doesn’t suit my body that much and I took a vow that I would only wear items that suit my body type. That is the main thing I am looking for whenever I am shopping. If it suits my body then it is a go if it is not, then I wouldn’t buy it no matter how beautiful it is.

A Tour In My Wardrobe

The third thing is that I try to make all of my items aligned with how I want people to perceive me. So I would like my personal brand to be a strong independent woman. That is why you will find a lot of fitted items that go with the word strong and independent yet they are also feminine with a lot of heels and beautiful garments to stress on the woman part.

A Tour In My Wardrobe

That is it you guys this is how my wardrobe goes and how I describe my style. I also shared with you some outfits to show you a sneak peek into my style.





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