Four Simple Ways To Look Beautiful With No Makeup On

How To Look Beautiful With No Makeup on

One Thing we are all looking for is that we want to look beautiful with no makeup on. For a lot of reasons, each one of us has her own reason for this. Mine, for example, is that I sometimes feel so lazy to pick the brush and apply anything on my face, someone might want this in order to look beautiful the first thing in the morning when her partner looks at her. Let’s face the fact that some girls suck at makeup, there is no shame in admitting that. I believe that the person that came with the word makeup artist saw the real thing, those women are artists and their canvas are their faces. As I said there are a lot of reasons to want to look pretty with no makeup on, but how do you actually accomplish this.

  • If you ever looked at the celebrities in their pics that are makeup free and wondered how the hell they look that perfect? I got the answer for that, which is, sorry are, microblading, lash extension, fillers, and coloring. Along with the perfect camera filter and light for sure.  For real, they have half of their makeup already on, and I consider these the most important steps in makeup, so if you are looking for the easiest way to look pretty the first thing in the morning, then consider doing microblading, lash extension and line up your lips. The downside of this is that they are so expensive, you have to get them every three to four month and they will cause you to lose your eyebrows and your eyelashes hair and the natural color of your lips will disappear.
  • If you want something easier and something you can get in a matter of seconds, then have your hair done pretty and frame your face with it. It is one thing to have no makeup on with your hair pulled back in a bun and you are wearing a sweatshirt and having no drop of makeup on your beautiful face and have your hair framing it whether with bangs or just letting your hair loose. No makeup +a horrible hair day = looking sick. No makeup + beautiful hair = looking more alive and having this natural beauty.
  • Always hydrate your skin and your lips, is another simple way to have this natural glow. My problem with makeup is never the eyeliner or the contour, to be honest, I only put this item when I am planning to take pictures for my blog or shoot a video, but other than this, I am never wearing them. What I usually suffer from is that dull lips and dull face. I look so pale without the lipstick and blush, but a great substitute for them is having the natural glow of hydration. Take a couple of seconds to put on lip balm and moisturizer on your face and you will have a natural glow.
  • Put on the effort in your outfit. Remember when I said that no makeup with a bad hair is a formula for looking sick. The same goes for clothes, no makeup with a PJ set you look like you are a lazy couch potato. But if you actually put on a little bit effort to look presentable in your outfit you will look so much alive and simple and happy and actually have a lot of energy within you.

I would love to know what is your formula for looking beautiful with no makeup on. Please spill your secrets in the comments.

17 thoughts on “Four Simple Ways To Look Beautiful With No Makeup On

  1. Ivana Split

    such a great post! I’m super lazy when it comes to applying make up. Unless I have a meeting or am attending a special occasion, I don’t wear make up. I agree with you said. Doing our hair and choosing the right outfit can make us look dress up even when we are not wearing any make up.

    You look very pretty btw. I love this outfit on you.


  2. Alessa Bernal

    Love it! I stop using make a long time ago, I as a woman we live in a society that demands woman to wear makeup and other stuff, but honestly is even better and healthier for your skin to let it breathe!


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