Feeling Myself In This Checked Zara Dress

Feeling Myself In This Checked Zara DressFeeling Myself In This Checked Zara DressFeeling Myself In This Checked Zara DressFeeling Myself In This Checked Zara DressFeeling Myself In This Checked Zara Dress

I am living in ZARA’S DRESSES these days. I mean, last post and today’s post have been all about Zara’s dresses and to be honest, I think I would go back there again and get myself a couple more pairs, to enjoy this summer.

Zara is killing it this year. I remember just last summer I went to Zara and I didn’t like anything from their collection and this summer I like the entire collection. I am not sure is it because the shop at Bellevue was a bad one and this shop here in Cairo is a good one, and I can check out all the items in a good way that makes me want to buy all of them, or is it because the designers at Zara upped their game this year more than ever.  I don’t know, maybe it is simply because my style has changed a lot since last summer.

Moving on from talking about the shop itself, why don’t I let you in more about the dress. My favorite fashion blogger right now is MARY ORTON and let me tell you that she is killing it with the dresses game and this combined with my obsession with dresses, it became a dangerous combination. I remember that I saw a pic of her on Instagram in a checked dress and then found this CHECKED DRESS while I was shopping and tried it on, I loved it so much. It has all the elements that I am looking for in a dress. I mean the feminine vibe is there, it suits my body perfectly, it is so trendy and not to mention that it is the perfect hight on my shorter self.

I always find it difficult to find a dress that is below the knees that suit my body and this hight it is almost impossible, but I found it in this number and I took it back with me home. So let me know about another store that I can find good dresses to buy in the comments down below.

9 thoughts on “Feeling Myself In This Checked Zara Dress

  1. BeingIsabella

    Esraa, this colour is so flattering on you – you really should wear it more often. As much as I love the colour green, I usually opt for a shade of olive or army green, never this more vibrant shade. However, you are inspiring me to switch it up a bit. I’ve never really noticed Zara’s dress collection before, but based off my love for the rest of their clothes I don’t see why I wouldn’t love them!



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