How To Change Your Style And Still Be True To Yourself

How To Change Your Style And Still Be True To YourselfHow To Change Your Style And Still Be True To YourselfHow To Change Your Style And Still Be True To YourselfHow To Change Your Style And Still Be True To YourselfHow To Change Your Style And Still Be True To Yourself

Changing your style can be very intimidating. Believe me, I know. Personally, I don’t have a problem when it comes to changing my style. I define my style as powerful yet feminine. So, to me, I can wear anything that will give that vibe in the end. It doesn’t have to be a classy piece, I can wear something like the one I am wearing above which is not classy by any means, or the trendiest outfit I have got in my wardrobe, but it gives the vibe that I wish to be known for.

But, I see people who are close to me, that never ever change their style, their wardrobe is like the same top/outfit in different colors. That is me describing my sister and my sister in law. Thier style is great and I love it, but they complain all the time that they buy a lot of OT items, but they feel like they are wearing the same thing all over again. Honestly, that is correct. My sister has the same top in different shades, the same shoes in different colors. My sister in law buys all these fancy items from different fancy stores, but she is like wearing the same top from the same shop all the time. I also find that is the most asked question on my YOUTUBE CHANNEL is how to change my style.

Let me just say, real quick, that I don’t find any fault in wearing the same thing or the same style all the time, as long as you are okay and happy with it. I like the change and that is why I keep changing my style, but if you don’t then stay the same, it is easier and it will save you a lot of money and a lot of space. What I am trying to do is helping those who would like to change their style.

The answer is very simple actually. Define what you would like to be known for. For me, I would like to be perceived as a strong independent woman and how I can achieve this through my clothes is that I wear things that gives a powerful yet feminine vibe. I wear all the colors, I wear all the cuts as long as it suits my body. Then I look for a way to add the vibe I am looking for in my outfit.

For example, the outfit I am wearing, is pretty simple, not trendy and very oversized, not something I would typically wear, but I liked it and to add a strong vibe to it, I added the headband. It showed that I am not afraid to express myself in clothes and add trendy weird items, so it gave the strong vibe, then I added the silk underdress with the golden touches, in order to give the feminine vibe. You can take a look at the outfit I wore in my last post and you will know that this is so different than the one I went for last, but it gives the same vibe in the end.

So, wrapping this up. Define what you want people to know you for in two to three words, then build up all of your outfits to achieve this vibe, with hidden touches, not something big, but believe me it will make a difference.

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