Summer Party Outfit

Summer Party Outfit

Summer Party Outfit

Summer is here for everyone, apparently, with parties going on everywhere for everyone, but since I started training, work training, I don’t get any vacation for the first three months, which means, bummer, no summer for me. Even in a national holiday, I didn’t get a day off, so I am here in my apartment enjoying a solo day off where I can’t get any real vacation or travel to enjoy summer.

Summer Party Outfit
But I decided not to let this get into me and ruin my summer, I decided that I will enjoy my summer to the max even if I have to through my own summer parties, at least so I can enjoy the summer party outfits I have styled before summer starts.

Summer Party Outfit

This dress got the most likes on my Instagram stories and everyone wanted to know where I got it from. Unfortunately, I got it from a local facebook page here in Egypt and I don’t know where it is originally from. But I think it is from Zaful or a similar site.

When I got this dress it was too long on me, so I cut it down and I DIY ed a hair band, in this video, from the scrap and it looks so cute with it. I am obsessed and styled it with a sneaker, but it would look perfect with a sandal and a summer bag, don’t you think?
I hope you are enjoying your summer so far and enjoying all the parties coming up in your summer and see next post.

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