A Very Not Work Type Outfit

A Very Not Work Type Outfit

A Very Not Work Type Outfit

A Very Not Work Type Outfit

A Very Not Work Type Outfit

A Very Not Work Type Outfit

I just started work today!!!

If you have read THIS POST you would have known that I have finished college and starting work right away.  AND today was my first day at work. Mind you it was just an induction day and not a real work day, but still, it was pretty exciting to know more about the place I am working and know what I should be doing to support this place and stay out of trouble.

One of the things that were mentioned, was the dress code. You might know, or not know this by now, but I am a classic style and very feminine style kind of girl, You can check out more of the styles that I love over HERE. The reason I mentioned that it is because I don’t really mind having a very strict dress code, I would actually prefer to have one, but unfortunately for me and luckily for everyone else, we have a smart casual dress code.

They kept mentioning what we can wear and what we can’t wear and basically I am not allowed to wear revealing clothes and then I remembered this outfit and the first thing that came to mind it, wear anything that is not this outfit.

What I can wear is something that covers my assets up there, not like this dress. Something that is longer than this dress. Something that is wider than this dress and no crazy patterns like the one in this dress.

This made it pretty easy to find out what I can wear and now I am going through my closet and sorting my outfits into work type outfits and not work type outfit.

I will be sharing with you more about my work outfits in upcoming posts.

5 simple & quick homemade pregnancy tests


Do you have an inkling you are pregnant? The ambiguity can be a bit daunting and stressful irrespective of whether you are looking forth to having children or not. Get relief from all the anxiety with DIY or homemade pregnancy tests. These tests can be done within the confines of your home and with ingredients stored in your pantry or kitchen. Do you have an inkling you are pregnant? The ambiguity can be a bit daunting and stressful irrespective of whether you are looking forth to having children or not. Get relief from all the anxiety with DIY or homemade pregnancy tests. These tests can be done within the confines of your home and with ingredients stored in your pantry or kitchen.
Similar to modern-day store-bought test kits, below mentioned homemade tests also lookout for the presence of HCG in women’s urine and how they react to the ingredients used in the DIY methods. HCG or human chorionic gonadotropin is a hormone seen only during pregnancy time.  The hormone is made by cells as they work to form the placenta which protects and nourishes the egg once it gets attached to the uterus wall.
The following five DIY pregnancy tests are simple and don’t have any complicated instructions to be followed. They are safe to use and perfect if you would prefer to get pregnancy tests done in privacy and comfort of your home. They are cost effective also. So read on and try out the best ones for you.
⦁ Bleach pregnancy test
Here comes a reliable pregnancy test to provide you with results in a short span. Take a cup of bleach and to this, add your first urine. Mix them and wait for about ten minutes. If there is foam and the mixture is bubbling, then you are pregnant. For safety reasons, do the test outdoors and with hand gloves as a precaution to avoid noxious fumes.
⦁ Toothpaste pregnancy test
Eyes all wide after reading the ingredient for your next test? Yes, the humble white toothpaste can also determine whether you are pregnant or not. Take two tablespoons of toothpaste and place the paste in a bowl. Pour your first urine into the bowl and lookout for blue and foamy mixture after 10 to 15 minutes as it means the result is positive. But there is a slight drawback to this method. The toothpaste may even change the colour if the paste is kept too long in the urine.
⦁ Sugar pregnancy test
Another inexpensive ingredient used to test for pregnancy is our common household item; sugar. Take a spoonful of sugar in a bowl and add your first urine to the sugar. This time you need to look out for clumps of sugar. If clusters aren’t there and the sugar has dissolved, it means the result is negative.
⦁ Pine-Sol pregnancy test
Cleaning products seem to be the star ingredients in DIY methods. You can either use a bottle of the original product or collect pine needles and cones if you have them nearby. Place them in a plastic bag or container and spoon in your first urine. A change in colour indicates pregnancy.
⦁ Dandelion leaves pregnancy test
Our own dandelion leaves from our garden can enlighten us with the knowledge of whether we are pregnant or not. Take few dandelion leaves and place them in a plastic bag. Keep the bag away from sunlight. Now, add the first urine and wait for 10 to 15 minutes. Lookout for red blisters or bumps on the leaves if you are hoping for good news.
All these above homemade tests are not 100% accurate. And above all, they are certain few simple conditions you need to ensure before taking these tests. These are:
⦁ Always make sure to use the first urine as it is the most concentrated and has the highest level of HCG. Or you can store your first urine and seal the bottle correctly if you don’t have time in the morning to do the tests. ⦁ The DIY methods are not effective during the early days of pregnancy. They are reliable only once you have missed your periods. ⦁ Drink lots of water the night before for ample amount of urine. ⦁ Homemade methods are just for confirming pregnancy and should not be considered as an alternative to regular care.
Now you have a complete idea about the basic methods for homemade pregnancy tests, why wait anymore? Head out and hope the test gives the results you are looking for.

Have A Little Luxury In Your Life With Ideal Of Sweden

Have A Little Luxury In Your Life With Ideal Of Sweden

This post is sponsored by IDEAL OF SWEDEN. All opinions are my own.

Luxury products are a necessity in my life. I love to invest in luxury bags and shoes, perfumes and makeup. When I was younger I would buy these things out of my parents’ money, but when I received my first check from my work last summer, I invested in a Micheal Kors bag which took half of my salary, to be honest, but I didn’t care, I deserve a little luxury in my life.

But I never thought about investing on a case for my phone and I thought I would buy just anything to protect my phone, but I didn’t found one that looked even a little bit sweet and then I discovered IDEAL OF SWEDEN on Instagram and I fell in love. Thier styles are so chic and luxurious. When I held my phone with this case, everyone I know was complimenting me on it and asking me where I got it from and my second one also made an impression with my friends and my third one was so beautiful that my sister took from me, stole from me, to be honest, haha. But all is good I took her perfume instead.

THIS CASE is part with their new collection and I am so in love with it, so beautiful and so chic, I am obsessed with red and I am obsessed with marble so both of them combined is so good

If you haven’t checked them out, you should, they are totally worth it, it is the most luxurious case you can ever buy and it can also be a good present for a friend and a male friend because we all suffer from this awkward moment when we feel stuck and can’t find a good gift for your male friend.

One more thing I should mention is that they do have worldwide shipping which is something so cool because when I am in Egypt, a little number of stores I can buy from who ship to Egypt.


I hope you found this post helpful, SEE YOU IN THE NEXT POST.




The Art Of Creating Your Own Heaven

The Art Of Creating Your Own Heaven
How To live happily ever after and create your own heaven



The Art Of Creating Your Own Heaven


Once upon a time, there was a little girl living in Egypt, she was looking for the secret garden where she would find her prince charming and wear a beautiful gown then they would dance under the moonlight with stars sparkling in the sky and in the end they would look at each other and kiss after the preacher says “now you may kiss your bride”


Isn’t it what all little girl dream for, isn’t that what societies made it look like the ultimate life goal for all the little girls?


But no, I realized that you can live in happily ever after when you only follow your own hearts and dreams. I started doing this and I have never been more satisfied in my life, that is why I started this blog to express what it takes to create your own heaven and live happily ever after.


In Esraa’s Heaven, you would find everything you ever imagined. I will be sharing everything that you will think of, fashion, style, personal life, makeup tutorials and review, food and health, not to forget my personal journey to create my own heaven and I will help you find the art to create your own heaven as well.


Stay tuned for new posts every Wednesday and Thursday.